SDSFIE: Spacial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environments

Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment


SDSFIE is a family of IGI&S standards, guidance, and frameworks that include models and specifications and define a DoD-wide set of semantics intended to maximize geospatial information and services interoperability for installation, environment, and civil works missions.

SDSFIE Portal is a web-centric interface that enables users to access documentation and tools that support the implementation and governance of the SDSFIE family of standards.

Tools to put  you  on the map

Model Viewer

Your speedy search across all the models of SDSFIE-V. The viewer also allows you to make your very own model with only the elements you want for both logical and physical representations.

Model Builder

Build your very own adaptation of the SDSFIE-V standard. Be assured that you have the blueprints for success as you start out on your very own standard built on the foundation of SDSFIE-V Gold.

Automated Process Portal

How do we create the Gold standard? We come to an agreement of course! The Automated Process Portal (A/P/P) is here for just that. A automated collaborative tool for forging the gold standard with discussion, documention, voting. This will see the entire governance process through the steps to make sure the gold standard is top quality and always meeting the needs of the SDSFIE community.

Meet the Community

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SDSFIE MythBusting

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